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Coloring affirmations, sayings and quotes is a lot of fun, and also very energizing. Here are a few tips how coloring them can make your soul smile.

Take a coloring picture with a message which resonates with you. Take a phrase that you feel you need right now.

For every word, as well as for the area surrounding it, choose the colors that feel good to you. There are no right or wrong colors to a particular word. Pick colors that feel as if they belonged to this word, but the most important thing is that they feel right to your heart.

If you can not decide which color to select, listen your inner voice in peace and quiet for a moment, and let the colors appear in your mind. Then take the first color you see.

Try to choose the colors so that you do not think about coloring the whole image, but explore every word and the elements around it one at a time. With colors you can also highlight words that seem to be particularly important to you.

Coloring affirmations and sayings will help you in two ways:

1. You will really get the message.

When coloring a particular word, you have to focus on the word and its meaning properly. This way, you will really take in the message, and it has more long-term effects on your inner self than if you just read it. You may even generate new insights and perspectives related to the text.

2. The colors and the words will lift your mood.

When the colors are comfortable for you, you will enjoy the coloring more. The good feeling will spread to your mind and body, and inspiring words will flow to your mind with the aid of the wonderful colors. Let the colors take care of your soul at the same time as you feel the harmony of the words. The more you are present at the moment, the more empowering the effect will be.

Detailed, elaborate coloring pictures are good, because you have to color them very slowly and really concentrate on them. This way the influence is more powerful because both the colors and the words have time to be absorbed into your subconscious mind. But even if you prefer to color simpler pictures, you can color them slowly and quietly, so that you can get the most out of them.

The extra benefit is that the finished coloring picture makes a great poster to put on the wall. When you have colored the affirmation or saying all by yourself, it will have a more profound meaning to you. By watching the image, you can remind yourself of the same feeling that you had when coloring the picture.

At best, coloring the affirmations, quotes and sayings and watching the finished picture will bring strength and joy into your life, and make you believe in yourself and the future.

Extra Tip: You can color this kind of a picture for someone who is important to you. If you feel that a close friend needs a bit of comfort, choose an appropriate text and color it with the colors you think will lift his or her mood.

”Life is happening” page is from Book: Mental Images vol 2