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Mental Color Palette 2 – Balance your mind
Book: Mental Images vol 1 coloring book

This color combination is designed to balance your mind. It is especially suitable for you if you are angry or if you for some other reason feel unbalanced or are upset about something.

This palette will help you to calm your mind but at the same time it will bring you hope and joy. It reminds you to love yourself and to appreciate all the good things you have in your life. At least for the moment when you are coloring you can feel everything is fine.

This palette has a very healing effect on discomfort. These colors refresh your soul in a very gentle way. If it feels hard to start coloring because you feel bad, for whatever reasons, these are good colors to choose.

Listen carefully yourself to know how much you need of each color. For example, if you do not feel good with pink shades, then use them sparingly. But it is important to use all the colors in the palette if you want the full impact of them.